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class="doc-header">Ducon Receives Order For A 2x300 MW FGD System From China

Ducon Group's Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd. announced recently that Ducon has received an order to supply a Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) system on a 2x300 MW coal-fired plant from Harbin Boiler Group in China.

Under the terms of the order, Ducon will supply its proprietary Seawater FGD (SWFGD) technology with counter current DUPACK absorber to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by 96 percent. Ducon believes that its superior SWFGD technology, providing low capital and operating costs along with its proven operational record of previously supplied SWFGD systems, contributed to Ducon being selected for this order. Ducon will be responsible for basic design, engineering, supply of crucial components and supervision during erection and commission of the system.

Ducon's SWFGD system with DUPACK absorber is the most cost-effective technology for sulfur dioxide emissions control due to its lower initial investment, low power consumption and minimal operating cost. It is suitable for oil and coal-fired power boilers and can effectively treat flue gases containing up to 7000 ppm of SO2 inlet concentration. Ducon SWFGD uses the spent seawater from the condensers to absorb SO2 thus requiring no water treatment chemicals supplier and treated seawater is safely discharged to the ocean with no harmful effects. Ducon provides a complete line of Limestone FGD, Wet FGD, SWFGD and Dry FGD systems.

Ducon currently has outstanding FGD system proposals on 35 different projects both in private and public sector power plants worldwide, totaling approximately 25,000 MW of power capacity where it is actively involved in discussions. Due to enforcement of tighter air pollution control regulations worldwide, the global market for FGD systems, including in China and India, is expanding tremendously, resulting in an increase in the demand for higher FGD capacity. Ducon, with its illustrious proven record in FGD systems, is continuing to aggressively market its FGD technologies globally and expects further orders in this market place.

SOURCE: Ducon Technologies Inc.

09.08.2019 03:51:05
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